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What Really Causes Toilet Clogs and Backflow?

5 Reasons Why Your Toilet Keeps Clogging

Your toilet is used more than any other fixture in your home . But, when you plunge your toilet after using the restroom it is merely a temporary fix for problems that may have more serious implications. In order to understand how your toilet keeps getting clogged, take a look at some common contributors to the problem.

1. Old Low-Flow Toilets

Modern toilets utilize a low-flow design with the goal of saving water. This prevalent change began in the 1990s. The first generation of these low-flow toilets can sometimes lack the necessary pressure to clear the internal trap and drain, which can cause toilet clogs. The stamped date of when your toilet was manufactured can be found on the back of your toilet. If your toilet was manufactured in the mid-1990s, it could be suffering a lack of necessary water pressure. A common way to eliminate clogging when it comes to these kinds of toilets is by flushing more often, thereby eliminating the accumulation of too much toilet paper that could clog the toilet. It should also be stated that you should avoid flushing items like  wet wipes, feminine products, cotton swabs, dental floss, etc. If clogging persists in light of these tactics, it may be time to call a local plumber for repairs.  

2. Pipe Blockages

Let’s circle back to unflushable items. Try to remember that your toilet is designed to only dispose of certain materials. Paper towels, wet wipes, feminine hygiene products, and other items can cause constant back up of your toilet and restrict its drainage. The best way to be sure that no unflushable items cause toilet clogging is to keep a trash bin in your bathroom for proper disposal. It also may help for families to keep a posting in their restrooms to only flush toilet paper. Whatever the case, be sure that no unflushable items are being flushed down your toilets. This will always result in pipe blockages. If you are past the stage of preventing blockages and require a professional, contact a plumber for toilet repairs today!  

3. Blocked Plumbing Vents

All plumbing appliances, including toilets, have vents which prevent air pressure vacuums that can block proper drain flow. These vents can become closed or blocked over time with leaves, sticks, dirt, and other debris. Blocked toilet vents restrict proper airflow and can cause constant clogging. Blockages are hard to spot and require many special tools to free them up, so it is best to rely on the best plumber in your area to resolve blockages.   

4. Blocked Toilet Trap

The toilet trap is the curved, U-shaped part of your toilet that is built into the side of the base of your toilet. It serves to maintain a consistent amount of accumulated water in the U-shape in order to prevent sewer gasses from lingering into your home.

Unflushable items can clog this trap and cause the toilet to back up. Utilizing your plunger to unclog the trap is a good quick fix. But, if the issue persists, it is best to contact a professional for inspection and repairs. The moral of the story is: Do not flush non-flushable items down your toilet.

5. Compromised Sewer Lines

Continuous clogs in multiple toilets indicate an issue with the main sewer lines that feed in and out of your home. The buildup of unflushable materials in sewer lines can cause them to back up and even reverse their flow resulting in a backflow that could lead to more serious and expensive problems. Sometimes, tree roots can even puncture your sewer line, which lets in sediment. This can cause major issues both in and outside of your home. Problems with your main sewer lines should always be resolved by qualified and experienced professionals.

Is it Time to Let a Plumber Take a Look?

When plunging just won’t get the job done, don’t blame it on your plunger. Some problems that contribute to toilet clogs and backflow are too complex to handle with a plunger, especially if most of the damage to your toilet, pipes, trap, or sewer lines has already been done. If you find yourself suffering from one or multiple toilets that consistently clog, then it’s time to call a professional. The expert plumbers of A1 Sewer & Drain are known through their reviews as some of the best plumbers in Virginia. Contact us today and let us know how we may be of assistance!

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