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Water Heater Maintenance

Delaying essential water heater repairs and maintenance is never a good idea. This is a vital appliance that undergoes hard use and strain on a daily basis. Maintenance and inspections prevent avoidable breakdowns and allow you to anticipate issues before they become too serious, which is understandably beneficial. After all, no one wants to be left without hot water in Chesapeake, VA, during the winter.

When is it Time to Book a Water Heater Inspection?

While it is a good idea to have an annual inspection scheduled, there are times when you may need to book an additional investigation to assess a specific issue. Knowing what the red flags are when it comes to water heater performance can help you catch issues before they snowball into breakdowns.

Temperature Fluctuations

Older-model water heaters may take some time to heat up, but if your water temperature is fluctuating frequently while in use, this is a sign that your water heater is not functioning properly. An inspection will help you figure out the cause. You should prioritize booking an inspection if the water is reaching extreme temperatures unexpectedly.


Leaks from any part of your plumbing system are serious and should not be ignored. This is partly because of the water damage they will be causing to your home. However, it’s also because of the potential for them to develop into a full-blown plumbing flood.

Reduced Water Pressure

Sudden drops in your water pressure are a sign that there is damage at work somewhere in your plumbing system. This could be as a result of leaks in your pipes and water heater, or because of a blockage of some kind. In either case, it needs to be investigated.

Strange Noises

If you hear strange noises coming from your water heater, it’s time to call a professional in to investigate.

This is a strong sign of damage.

Remember that all appliances have a lifespan. There may come a time when these issues are a result of age rather than damage.

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What to Expect from Your Inspection

If you think that your water heater may need some attention, don’t hesitate to contact A1 Sewer & Drain for an inspection and repair estimate. Our team will help you set a time and date that works well with your schedule. Once your inspector arrives, there are a few things you should expect from the appointment.

Gas Piping Checks

Your technician will make sure the gas intake lines are secure and safe. A gas leak can take a toll on your water heater’s ability to function, of course, but it is far more dangerous to your health than anything else. As such, this will be a priority at every inspection.

Thermal Expansion Checks

Your water heater inspection will also include a check to see if there is a thermal expansion tank in place to allow for the process of thermal expansion in a closed system. They will check all pressure valves and backflow preventers to ensure that they are functioning properly.

Relief Valve Check

Relief valve checks will include making sure that the valve is the proper size, has adequate capacity, and is capable of dealing with the pressure and temperature. If there is any damage, your inspector will note this and make suggestions on how it can be repaired.

Leak Detection

Water pressure checks and leak detection are also an integral part of any water heater inspection. Your inspector should be able to talk you through the ideal water pressure level and indicate whether there are potential leaks in your system.

A Full Debrief

A water heater inspection is a complex and often lengthy task that requires attention to even minute details. As such, your inspector may not talk you through every aspect of what they do, but they should give you a full debrief on any issues they find and let you know about any warning signs you should keep an eye on.

If the technician finds anything that warrants immediate repairs, they will let you know. They may be able to fix some smaller issues that same day, but if this is not possible, you should expect the option of booking the necessary repairs.

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