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Hydro Water Jetting

Hydro water jetting is one of the most efficient options you have to get rid of clogs in your sewer line. Here is a look at this process of clearing drains and sewer lines in order to restore proper drainage and avoid damage to your system.

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A1 Sewer & Drain is known for our hydro water jetting services. Oftentimes, a simple rooter isn’t effective enough to unclog your pipes. Older plumbing may have corroded materials that are too tough for the rooter blades to cut through, or your piping may have too many turns that limit the force the rooter uses to thrust through clogs. In kitchens or many commercial drains, grease buildup can be too tough for rooter blades as well, and though these may temporarily unclog your pipes, it’s likely that you will continually experience difficulties that can cost you a fortune in plumbing visits down the road.

That’s where hydro jetting comes in. Hydro jetting is the process of forcing jet streams of cold water through your pipe lines under extremely high pressure. The pressure is not enough to damage your pipes, but it’s great enough to cut through grease and material buildup while forcing it through the entire length of your pipes and into the city sewer system. Call A-1 Sewer & Drain Plumbing & Water Heaters for fast emergency service in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, Yorktown, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Tabb, Grafton, Smithfield, James City County, Richmond area, Northeast North Carolina, and throughout Hampton Roads.

Nearly all homeowners experience problems with their plumbing at some point in their lives. A drain that empties slowly is usually the first sign that a problem exists. A small blockage in your pipes causes slow draining, but a large one is likely to cripple your system. Eliminating the clog quickly is the best way to avoid expensive repairs requiring full or partial replacement of your sewer line. Hydro water jetting is one of the most efficient options you have to get rid of clogs in your sewer line. Here is a look at this process of clearing drains and sewer lines in order to restore proper drainage and avoid damage to your system.

What Is Hydro Water Jetting?

The theory behind hydro water jetting is simple. This process uses large blasts of water to eliminate the debris that is causing the clog in your pipes. It is highly effective in loosening even the toughest clogs. Once the blockage is removed, your drains empty freely, and your sewer line performance improves greatly.

Is Hydro Water Jetting Safe for Your Pipes?

Hydro water jetting is safe for pipes that are in excellent condition. This type of plumbing service is safe to use on all types of pipes, no matter what kind of material was used to make them.

If your pipes are cracked, bent, or broken, the pressure from this process is going to create more damage to your sewer line. Older pipes are more likely to have fragile spots that are going to be susceptible to breakage.

Identifying the Problem

Before your plumber can fix your drainage issues, the cause of the problem must be identified. A visual inspection is the fastest way to figure out what is wrong. Obviously, your plumber cannot look at your pipes without a little help.

A specialized video camera is often used to inspect your entire drainage system in search of the problem. The use of the camera also provides an excellent way for your technician to determine the condition of your pipes. If the pipes appear to be damaged, an alternative solution, such as snaking, will be used to clear your drainage lines.

How Does Hydro Water Jetting Work?

When hydro water jetting is used to clear your drain lines, water is sent through your pipes at high pressures. A specialized nozzle attached to a hose sends a powerful blast of water through the pipes.

The pressure of the water forcefully moves the debris that is stuck inside of your drain lines, allowing the clog to break free. The water pressure can reach as high as 60,000 PSI, creating a powerful stream of water.

As your technician sends more water through the pipes, the debris travels to the end of the drain line where it exits into the sewer system. The normal flow of grey and black water is restored, and your drainage problem is resolved.

If any of the drainage pipes are damaged, hydro water jetting isn’t a good idea. The high pressure of this method can damage your pipes even more. Existing cracks and holes get larger due to the force of the water pressing against them. A crack may even give way and break completely through the pipe.

What Problems Can Hydro Water Jetting Solve?

Hydro water jetting services can be used on most types of clogs and blockages. The process is so powerful that it can even get rid of clogs that have taken years to develop or blockages that have attached themselves to the inner walls of your sewer pipes.

Here is a look at the type of problems that hydro water jetting can remedy:

  • Grease and oil – Certain types of debris are more likely to be the culprit when it comes to sewer clogs. One of the most notorious substances know to clog up a drainage line is grease. Even if the grease is a liquid when it goes down the drain, it is going to solidify before it reaches the end of the line. Eventually, enough grease is going to accumulate and create a clog in your drain.
  • Waste – While most waste finds its way out of your sewer lines, some of it may become trapped. Once it does, a clog develops and causes your system to drain improperly. Waste can attach itself to weakened areas of the pipes as well as to debris that has already attached itself to the interior walls of your sewer lines.
  • Hardened deposits – Over the years, minerals in the water can harden and attached to the inner walls of your drainage and sewer pipes.
  • Tree roots – As tree roots grow, they can travel great distances in search of a supply of water. Eventually, they often find their way into drainage pipes, entering them through tiny holes, cracks, and faulty joint connections. In the initial stages of this issue, the tree roots may simply break the sewer lines. As the roots grow longer and bigger, they force their way inside of the pipes. Waste and debris become trapped on the roots or stuck in between several different roots. Now, you have a blockage in your pipe that needs successful removal.
  • Foreign objects – Before mobile phones became such a big thing, the most likely foreign objects to create a clog in a drain were toys, toothbrushes, and costume jewelry. Today, toilet clogs are created by cell phones that accidentally fall into the toilet as it is flushing as well as by all of the usual suspects.

What Are the Benefits of Hydro Water Jetting?

Using hydro water jetting services to eliminate blockages in your drain lines is a highly effective way of removing all of the debris, large and small, from your pipes. As a result, your drainage and sewer lines become clog-free. Moreover, they can remain blockage-free for extremely long periods of time. Since there isn’t any debris inside of the pipes for new waste to grab onto, it takes a long time for new clogs to form.

Once your drainage and sewer pipes are free of clogs, your home’s wastewater travels properly through them. The wastewater is properly filtered, vented, and eliminated from your home.

Why Is Hydro Water Jetting Preferred Over Snaking?

Hydro water jetting is often preferred over the traditional technique of snaking. It is more effective in releasing the clog as well as in preventing it from recurring.

Snaking simply breaks up the clogs, allowing them to exit your sewer line during the normal course of events. Unfortunately, snaking does not and cannot remove the buildup found on the inside of drainage and sewer lines. As a result, newly flushed waste has multiple places to attach itself to your pipes. Plus, the size of your pipe’s interior remains compromised. Its narrower diameter makes it more likely that a new clog develops and disrupts your drainage system.

The problem of blocked sewage lines can disrupt the functioning of your home’s entire plumbing system. If you notice signs that your drains and pipes are clogged, you should get help sooner rather than later. The longer you wait to remedy the problem, the more expensive your repairs are going to be.

Clogged drains can lead to issues with backflow, a problem in which waste water ends up back inside of your home instead of in your sewer lines. A large blockage in your pipes can damage your sewer line, making it necessary to repair of replace a section of your system.

Hydro water jetting services are designed to get your drain and sewer lines operating as efficiently as possible. Our experienced professionals use this service when your lines are severely clogged and draining extremely slow. If you’d like more information about hydro jetting, please give us a call. One of our experienced professionals will be more than happy to talk to you about it.

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