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Sewer Line Backups

What signs should you look for if you’re having trouble with your sewer, and when is it time to call in the professionals?

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Your sewer is the secret hero of your home. It helps you live a cleaner, healthier life without you having to do so much as lift a finger.

Unfortunately, sewer lines can get clogged if you use your pipes ineffectively. If you think you’ve got a sewer line backup on your hands, what signs should you be on the lookout for?

Multiple Clogged Drains

It’s true that drains tend to clog up after a while. Exposure to long hair, toilet paper, and other materials in excess can cause the drains in your home to clog. However, if you notice multiple unrelated drains in your home backing up, you may have a problem on your hands. After all, one clogged drain can be fixed with a plunger or a snake, if necessary. If unrelated drains in your home are clogging all at the same time, then you probably need to reach out to the professional plumbers and contractors working in your area.

Water Backups

Is your shower starting to pool with water, even when your drainage pipe isn’t blocked? Is your kitchen sink filling up? Then you may have a sewer pipe clog. Water will try to make it past the clogs in your home, but if you let a clog go untreated for too long, it’ll eventually start to back up. Try and look for other symptoms of a sewer clog before you reach this point. Vigilance on your part may save you money and stress in the long run.

Bubbles Throughout Your Home

Sometimes, you’ll still be able to flush your toilets or drain your sinks, even when your sewer line is backed up. However, you’ll often start to spot an unusual number of bubbles appearing above your drain pipes. If, after multiple experiments, these bubbles continue to show up, you’ll need to reach out for help ASAP. Water that’s trying to make its way past a sewer line clog will bubble as it rises back up, making bubbles one of the clearest signs of sewer line clogs available homeowners.

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Toilets That Refuse To Flush

There’s no appliance that does more welcomed work in your home than your toilet. Ideally, when you first have a toilet installed, it’ll work quickly and efficiently to remove your home of waste. If your sewer line is backed up, however, it won’t matter how new your toilet is. Slow-moving toilets that no longer flush with the power they used to are a clear sign of a backup.
Of course, it can be difficult to distinguish between your standard plug and a line backup. When in doubt, try to plunge your toilet before calling for help. If several plunges aren’t enough to speed your toilet back up, then it’s time to reach out for guidance.

Unpleasant Smells

As you might expect, unpleasant or nasty smells are a clear sign that something’s gone wrong in your home. Tracing one of these less than pleasant smells may not be any fun, but doing so will help you determine where the problem in your home is coming from.

For example, if the smell is musty and seems based in your crawl space, then you probably have a leak on your hands. Comparatively, smells that originate in the bathroom and don’t go away after a few hours are probably the result of a backed-up sewer line. On a normal day, your drains shouldn’t have a scent that lasts more than a few minutes.

Sewer Line Backups: The Benefits Of Quick Action

Normally, homeowners may dismiss a slow-flushing toilet or bubbles in the sink. If you act when you first suspect your pipes of acting up, however, you’ll do your home – and your repair budget – a world of good. If you let a sewer line backup go untreated for long, you risk not only raising your water bill but exposing the other people in your home to harmful bacteria.

The good news is that the professionals your area will be able to help you no matter what stage your sewer line backup may be. These professionals will not only be able to clear your sewer line, but they’ll be able to rid your home of harmful bacteria, ensuring that your toilets, showers, and sinks are safe to use.

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