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Water Heater Problem Signs

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Hot, running water is absolutely vital to everyday living. From basic comfort and cleanliness to health and hygiene, hot water fills every part of our daily rituals and is needed to run many appliances in our homes.

That’s why these hardworking appliances tend to be subject to a greater level of wear and tear than many others. As such, learning to spot the earliest signs of wear and tear is incredibly important for any property owner in Virginia Beach, VA, as it will make sure you catch issues before they snowball into big problems.

5 Signs That Your Water Heater Is Damaged

There are many things that can go wrong in a piece of machinery as complex as a water heater, but they tend to present themselves in the same ways. These common problem signs are fairly easy to spot, but they can be signs of a number of different issues.

This makes them hard to decode, even when you spot them. As such, it is best to call in a professional when you see them.

1. Excessive Noise

Though some very new models can be almost silent, most water heaters will produce a small amount of noise. Even still, there is a limit to what is healthy. If your water heater starts to make more noise than usual, the pitch of the noise changes, or there is irregular banging, thumping, or grinding sounds, it is time to investigate.

Loud, irregular noises are a sign that there is some kind of internal damage to your water heater. It is most likely a sign that the moving parts of the water heater have been damaged or are being obstructed in some way.

2. Active Leaks

An active, visible leak is one of the strongest signs that your water heater has become damaged, either via accidental damage or general wear and tear. Some leaks can be very obvious, like those that form when the pipes connecting to the water heater become loose or damaged. Others can be harder to spot.

If there is a very small leak or an internal leak in your water heater, you may notice a drop in water pressure, fluctuating temperatures, or a stain on the walls or ground under the water heater. This will also lead to a general rise in humidity.

3. Failure To Activate

Total failure to activate is the most obvious sign that your water heater is damaged and may need entirely replaced. A number of things can cause your water heater to fail, from damage to the power supply connection to sensor failure, or even catastrophic damage to the shell of the water heater.

If your water heater simply fails to activate, it is time to contact a professional to assess your water heater and give you viable solutions.

4. Failure To Heat Water

If your water heater activates but fails to produce hot water, this is a problem sign and you should not ignore it.

The most common cause of this issue is damage to the heating element inside the water heater itself. This is fairly simple to repair but requires professional intervention because of the complex process required to get access to the inside of the water heater without causing damage.

5. Visible Corrosion or Damage

Finally, cosmetic damage to your water heater’s shell and visible rust or corrosion on the exterior of the pipes that connect to it is a sign that something is impacting your water heater negatively. These issues may be purely superficial at first, but they can easily snowball and lead to more pressing problems.

As such, it is best to contact an expert even when the damage looks small. You could save yourself a lot of time and money by preventing avoidable secondary issues from forming at all. Whatever signs of damage you see, please contact a professional instead of attempting a DIY repair.

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